Soft moss a downy pillow makes, and green leaves spread a tent,
Where faerie fold may rest and sleep until their night is spent.
The bluebird sings a lullaby, the firefly gives a light,
The twinkling stars are candles bright, Sleep, Faeries all, Goodnight.
---Elizabeth T. Dillingham "A Faery Song"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day April 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom day sure did sneak up on me this month!  I'm sure everyone has been busy as bees since the last bloom day--so have the flowers!

White Iris passalong (a first bloom for me this year yay!):

Chocolate chip ajuga earns its keep in the garden at this time of year:

Lily of the Valley:

Archangel Lamium:


Next months preview:  Roses, peonies and iris oh my!
Be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens to view the other beautiful blooms featured on Bloom Day.


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  2. I love the look of the Chocolate Chip ajuga, but how do you keep it under control?

  3. Beautiful blooms! A belated Happy GBBD to you!

  4. Ok...your ajuga looks better than mine! LOL!!! Yours looks to be in a little more sun than mine maybe??

    I don't know if you got my email...but I almost fell out when you mentioned Tasha Tudor! I actually had to go back to my post and see did I mention that Mrs. Brown loves her! Can you believe that!!! She has all of her books, and we always talk about her! I often peruse her Tasha books while I am there visiting! So funny that you said that! You need to come on down to Mobile so we can go visit Mr. & Mrs. Brown!