Soft moss a downy pillow makes, and green leaves spread a tent,
Where faerie fold may rest and sleep until their night is spent.
The bluebird sings a lullaby, the firefly gives a light,
The twinkling stars are candles bright, Sleep, Faeries all, Goodnight.
---Elizabeth T. Dillingham "A Faery Song"

Monday, February 15, 2010

My First Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams gardens for sponsoring this.  I am so excited because it's my first submission and coincidentally at the start of the GBBD year.  I have only one bloom to show but it has brought me much happiness!  I don't know the name of this lenten rose since I acquired it at a plant swap.  It is the only thing that is bravely trooping on in the unseasonable cold and snow we've had this winter in southern middle Tennessee.  Shine on little one!


  1. It's a start. Everybody's complaining because this February has been so Fickle and unpredictable. There are all kinds of little buds hiding in there someplace. Next month will be glorious in comparison. We forget from year to year how lush the springtime is.

  2. I'm so jealous of your hellebore! Mine doesn't even have a bud yet. Yours is lovely! Happy GBBD!

  3. Jennifer, your lone bloom is giving me hope that Spring is on its way. After all the cold wet and even snowy days, if nature is able to bloom, then I know it won't be long before more will be popping their heads and giving us a colorful show. Thanks...

  4. Hey, Jennifer! So we're "first time" GBBD companions. Woo Hoo!! I love your little hellebore!

  5. Thanks everybody...this little bloom is getting as much attention as an "only child." LOL I can't wait for the next GBBD...it will be an explosion of blooms I just know it!

  6. YEAH!!!!! I always forget about GBBD!

    The Brown's put ashed from their fireplace on all of their bulbs! I can definitely tell the difference. Their flowers are bigger, taller, bloom earlier (up to 2 weeks earlier than other gardeners), and the blooms are much larger. Their iris blooms are the size of my hand! I have got to clean out my fireplace and fertilize my bulbs with ashes. They do it year round. If they have ashes, they fertilize