Soft moss a downy pillow makes, and green leaves spread a tent,
Where faerie fold may rest and sleep until their night is spent.
The bluebird sings a lullaby, the firefly gives a light,
The twinkling stars are candles bright, Sleep, Faeries all, Goodnight.
---Elizabeth T. Dillingham "A Faery Song"

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day January

We are slowly thawing out from our big snow that slammed us Sunday night.  That's it..I've met my quota for snow, now I'm ready for it to melt and to see the daffodils spring up!  It was a "balmy" 45 degrees out so I ventured outside to see what was going on for Garden Blogger's Bloom day (sponsored by Carol at May Dreams Gardens).  I was hard pressed to find a bloom but I did find some signs of life to photograph

Not in bloom now but I did have 2 blooms before this snowfall.

I mail ordered this last year and although it's not very tall (maybe 18") it has put on some buds! I say hoorah for ANYTHING that has winter interest.

Just waiting to make her "big" debut.

These shoots breaking the ground....

Will later turn to this in April- SUMMER SNOWFLAKE
(leucojum aestivum)

has fuzzy/fatter buds 

One last thing to check before heading indoors...
Hm, apparently the birds DO appreciate my first try at making homemade suet.  Like my sister said, " what's not to like about fat and peanut butter?!"


  1. Have always liked the Summer Snowflakes - just can't seem to get 'em to grow in my garden. They just tend to make one smile.

  2. Is there anything more to your suet? I would like to give it a try. I liked your photos too.

  3. I had to stop by when I saw your blog name-I love it! I had no idea there were winter versions of jasmine and honeysuckle-how wonderful!

  4. The title of your blog is one of the best I've seen! Hilarious!

    You've got a lot happening there in your garden. I agree with Donna, would love to know if there is a special recipe for the suet...I've got lard and peanut butter...how do you get the texture so stiff? Thanks for stopping by today!

  5. You were a brave soul to get out in the cold and snow to participate in GBBD this month ... I punted and told myself that I'll do better in February. :) I have wanted Witch Hazel for a while now. You may hav convinced me to get moving and order one.

  6. No blooms outside with deep snow cover, and none inside either, but I really enjoyed seeing your contribution to GBBD. Some of my favorite plants--leucojum and winter jasmine.

  7. The original suet recipe:
    4 cups cornmeal, 1 cup all purpose flour, 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup shortening. I microwaved it a minute or so to let things melt so it would be mixable then I put it in small bowls so it would fit in my suet feeder. Then I froze it and popped it out the next day. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Thanks, I just copied and saved the recipe.

  9. Thanks so much...I have everything I need in the pantry!

  10. I find it hard to understand how so many states could have snow at the same time. I am in Nebraska, and in my mind, you folks in the south don't really have winter. I have to admit I was wrong. It's cool to see your signs of spring, though. I have to believe my hellebores and such are alive and well, and ready for their turns to bloom.

  11. I agree on the witch hazel. .I've been intrigued by it for a couple years now. .but don't have any of my own. .might find that on my "list" this year!! Love any signs of life to suggest that winter won't last forever!!

  12. Hi Jennifer, Happy New Year to you! It's starting off cold for sure. Your signs of life are a wonderful reminder to remember spring is near. Can't wait!

  13. Love your garden! It very much reminds me of the garden in winter in Northeast Mississippi where I grew up - where we actually had four seasons, not the two-and-a-half that we have here in Southeast Texas!

  14. Hi, Jennifer! I like your Winter Jasmine! Isn't it encouraging to see signs of life in your plants? I've been noticing swelling leaf buds around my garden and it gives me hope that one day things will be green again! :)